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In this section I’ll be posting regular updates about ForceK6. These will include new stories that emerge from the public in Europe and South Asia, as well as stories of specific soldiers or places that aren’t covered so deeply in the book.

You’ll also find links to press articles, videos and radio interviews here.

Risaldar-Major Mohamed Ashraf Khan

Risaldar-Major Mohamed Ashraf Khan

Mohamed Ashraf Khan was the Risaldar-Major of Force K6 when they arrived in France in December 1939, and continued in that role through most of their time in Europe. The rank of Risaldar-Major was similar to a Regimental Sergeant Major in a cavalry regiment. He was...

25th Animal Transport Company at Dunkirk

25th Animal Transport Company at Dunkirk

Extract from 'The Indian Contingent', chapter 4, pages 51-55 The 25th Company were somewhat later escaping to the coast than 32nd Company. There was an initial flurry of activity on 10 May, while the rest of the BEF left their carefully prepared defence lines and...

Virtual Book Launch – 19th June 2020

Virtual Book Launch – 19th June 2020

The book came out just a month ago, on 21st May. Since then, there has been a whirl of activity in the press and on social media. These include an article by Magnus Linklater in The Times in Scotland. A podcast with Dan Snow in his ‘History Hit’ series Interviews with...


An incredible and important story, finally being told.

- Mishal Husain

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